Before the sale we have some guidance for you:


First of all - please don't throw anything out.  What you might consider to be discardable could be something of great value (yes, really) or at the least, something a treasure hunter has been looking high and low for. 

We can sell most everything, with the exception of firearms, ammunition, pesticides, liquor, and medicines.

Don't pre-sell items before the official estate sale.  You could lose a lot of money in doing so.  It's very common that folks will try to get in early and attempt to get the choicest items for a bargain basement price. Don't do it!

In order for us to justify the labor and sale costs that we incur, we have to have what we call the "TWO Q's" with a sale, which is Quantity and Quality.  If you have only a few items that you'd like to sell, an on-site sale may not be for you and you might want to consider our off-site liquidation option.

Please identify the items you wish to keep prior to our visiting with you.  Clarity on what is to be sold is important for all parties. 

It's an interesting economy these days.  Folks attending estate sales, often will negotiate.  Please be aware of this going into the process.  Of late, the most sought after items are good, quality, solid used furniture, moreso than collectibles.  It's important to know the market. 

We provide a detailed contract to our clients so that there are no misunderstandings as to our service provided, and all of the steps involved in the sale process.  Beware of any company offering to conduct an estate sale without a hiring document. 

The homeowners insurance on the home where the sale is to be conducted must be in full force that covers your liability in the event someone is hurt at the property. 

If you are an executor / executrix, you will be asked to provide us with copies of official documentation granting your authority over the estate.  In some cases, a Power of Attorney may be necessary.

During estate sales, it is very common for patrons to explore every area of the home (other than those designated as no-go areas which we enforce with monitors and signs).  This might mean that unsold items will not be put back in the exact order they were prior to the sale.  In fact, it's very likely that unsold things will be shifted around.  At the completion of a sale, we do our best to leave the property and items in the neatest possible fashion. 

If the property where the sale is to be conducted is for sale also, be sure to ask us how we can assist with the marketing of the property as well.  It is very common for sale attendees to express interest in the property itself.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any other information you are curious about.