Imagine this: 

A father passes away.  His daughter lives out of state and must fly in to make final arrangements.  Final arrangements however, are way more extensive than just arranging for a funeral.  There may be a house to be sold.  There most likely is a house in fact, filled with years full of the father's favorite things, from furniture, to antiques to collectibles and just general possessions.  The process of ferreting out who gets what, running ads to sell things, hosting tag sales, etc. is nothing short of daunting. 

The Estate Sale Ladies take this burden off of the family.  There are different service levels offered, however, most of our clients opt to have us go into the house, transform it into a store and get things sold.  We sort through everything, pricing it according to what the market will bear and also what is agreed upon by the family.  Where antiques are involved, we perform research / facilitate an appraisal.  Please note. - we are sale facilitators, not appraisers.  We broadly advertise the sale, informing not just the general public but also various antiques and collectors dealers of it.  We hold the sale.  When it’s over, the family doesn't have to worry about moving so many items and they will have profits to enjoy.  Often times, there will be items that will need to be donated to charity or otherwise removed.  We can help or provide guidance with that as well.  We should be actually called the "Stress Removal Ladies". 

Maybe a homeowner is downsizing and knows there is no way to get all of his / her possessions into the new home and time is of the essence.  The Estate Sale Ladies work in such a timely fashion that we get the items moved for you so that you can get to the closing table on time.  We are a great solution for folks who are relocating a distance away and don’t want to spend thousands on a moving service.

Our services always bring a sigh of relief to the individual needing the clean out.  We are here to help. 

We book up fast, especially during the Spring and Summer seasons so please call as early in your process as is possible.